1. General

1.1 Contracts concerning advertising comprise text information and / or picture advertisement in Mauritius directories.

1.2 All Contract amounts mentioned exclude VAT.

1.3 The signee of the contract warrants, subject to his personal liability, that he is authorised to his / her organisation to the terms and conditions of this contract.

2. Alternations or cancellations of contracts

2.1 Any cancellation or alteration to this contract will have to be made in writing by the customer.

2.2 Alterations or cancelations after the closing date of the sales campaign for the directory cannot be honoured.

2.3 If a customer wishes to cancel this contract it must be done within 15 days of signing the contract. Beyond 15 days, the customer will be charged a penalty fee of 50% of the remaining amount.

2.4 Mauritius Telecom reserves the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect and charge an administration fee of 25% of the total contract value, without notification for cause which shall include, but is not limited to:

  • the customer becomes insolvent
  • the customer cancels payment
  • the customer is forced into liquidation or negotiates for a composition deal
  • the customer does not adhere to regulations in contracts and/or  general conditions for contracts concerning advertising in Mauritius Tourist Guide
  • the customer does not provide the necessary material to prepare the ordered advertisement.

3. Billing

3.1 The price mentioned in the contract will be charged through the telephone bill provided by the customer as per terms of payment opted for and agreed by the customer.

3.2 Whenever the name of the subscriber of the telephone number used for billing purposes is different from the name of the signee of the contract. Mauritius Telecom shall require documentary evidence that the signee is authorised to use the billing telephone number for the purposes of this contract.

3.3 No action will be taken until Mauritius Telecom has received the setup fee in full.

3.4 In case of dispute or if for any reason the subscriber of the telephone number fails to pay the amount due under the present contract, the signee of the contract shall be liable to pay the total contract amount.

3.5 In case the holder of the billing telephone number requests for a cancellation of his / her telephone line, the latter cannot be entertained unless all outstanding payments on the billing telephone number are affected.

3.6 The customer has to provide the correct billing number while signing the contract and any changes in the billing number shall be communicated to Mauritius Telecom in writing before the closing date of our sales campaign. Should the billing number be changed or the relevant line recovered, the customer will be billed on any other telephone number of which he / she is a subscriber.

3.7 Mauritius Telecom reserves the right to seek proof of identity of the signee of the present contract.

4. Contents and formulation of text information and web advertisement

4.1 The customer shall be responsible for the correctness of the data submitted to Mauritius Telecom or their partners and for the display advertisement. It shall be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these do not infringe the laws of Mauritius or constitute violations of another person’s rights. The customer will be responsible to pay for any claims by third parties or penalties concerning the above and shall fully indemnify Mauritius Telecom and their partners in that respect. The customer shall ensure that all necessary materials including photos, logos etc as specified on the art sheet are provided on signature of the contract. All artworks designed by Mauritius Telecom and Mauritius Tourist Guide for the purpose of  the print or online directories will not be reproduced by the advertisers or any party either in full or in part for any purpose whatsoever without signed authorization of Mauritius Telecom or the Mauritius Tourist Guide.

5. Prices and payments

5.1 All prices are given exclusive of advertising tax, VAT or other taxes that may be imposed by law. The customer shall remain liable to Mauritius Telecom for unpaid amounts relating to advertisements even in the case where telephone service has been terminated.

5.2 Should any claim for payment be made through an attorney at law, the customer undertakes to pay the 10% commission together with interests and costs chargeable for recovery of same.

6. Copyrights and trademarks Prices and payments

6.1 By supplying text, images and other data to the Mauritius Tourist Guide for inclusion in the advertisement, the customer declares that it holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions.

6.2 Mauritius Telecom owns the right to use any information submitted by the customer for Mauritius Tourist Guide related services. This may involve using your information in the promotion of the Mauritius Tourist Guide to other businesses or to the public in general.

7. This contract will be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Mauritius.