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  • Do you want more customers?
  • Do you want to market your business to all arriving tourist?
  • Do you want to market your business to the domestic population in Mauritius?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective marketing medium?

 If the answer to any of the above is YES then please read on

In case you are not aware of the Mauritius Tourist Guide, we have several layers to our marketing and provide an holistic platform for business to market services to both arriving tourist and to the domestic population in Mauritius: We have teamed up with “Orange™” to target arrivals at the airport with a “Welcome SMS” encouraging them to download our app or visit the MTG website, so they can find information about places to visit,  promotions, accommodation and offers being presented by businesses here in Mauritius.

  • The Mauritius Tourist Guide Website:  over 30,000 page views a month, all businesses listed are featured on our website as well as our smartphone app. Our traffic is increasing on a weekly basis). Not only do we list businesses in the appropriate category but any business that has a promotion, offer or activity they wish to promote we list this on our events page and also promote on our Facebook page, please see below (the website is currently undergoing a face lift as we speak with an interesting new designs and some new features)


  • Mauritius Tourist Guide Smartphone application, in essence all business listed are featured on our smartphone app and promoted to Tourists as they arrive in Mauritius directly by “Orange™”, our partner. Over 10,000 downloads since launch, From now “Orange™” will be sending a “welcome sms” message to all arriving tourist, encouraging them to download the app or to visit the MTG website if they don’t have a smartphone.  “Orange™” probes for roaming phones on the network in Mauritius as they arrive at the airport and a message is sent as follows: “To know more about places of interest, promotions, activities and accommodation ,download our Tourist Guide application at or visit


  • Mauritius Tourist Guide Facebook page (  ) you may be familiar with this page but in case you are not we promote events, promotions,  offers and activities and we give a preference to customers who have joined MTG, our page has over 26,000 followers and is increasing at a rate of 2,500-4,000 new people per month. 83% of our followers are from Mauritius so is the perfect place to promote your events,  activities and promotions to the domestic population. When we post a message on Facebook, between 400-600 people view the post within 15 minutes, many more of course see the post in time but you can see we have a very active audience.


  • Orange™” Pre-loaded devices, with the “Mauritius Tourist Guide” app: Soon many appropriate devices sold by Orange / Mauritius telecom will come with the Mauritius Tourist Guide application pre-installed, giving access to many more local customers to promote your services


  • MTG Twitter account (MauritiusMTG): Over 500 followers mainly potential tourist wanting to be kept up to speed with events, promotions and activities on the Island, all Facebook posting are automatically repeated on our Twitter account

It is worth noting that all our traffic is due in increase drastically since MTG is promoted to 1.2M arriving tourist as they arrive on the Island.

MTG provides an holistic platform to market any business in Mauritius and one that suits the requirements of the modern traveller, “Mauritius in the Palm of your hand”