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The Mauritius Tourist Guide is brought to you by GWS Technologies LTD and Orange.

GWS Technologies LTD offers the latest technology in the IT-field. With products like websites, online and offline virtual tours in flash, electronic brochures, digital imagery, video production, 360° panoramic photography and all elements of digital media. Present in Mauritius since 2006, GWS Technologies LTD has successfully helped design and implement web sites for many clients worldwide along with numerous and prestige clients in the domestic market in Mauritius.


Mauritius Telecom welcomed Orange in Mauritius on 17th April 2008. Orange in Mauritius is the commercial brand for the mobile and internet services of Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd and Telecom Plus Ltd.

Mauritius Telecom (MT) is a group of companies comprising Mauritius Telecom Ltd and its subsidiaries: Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd, Telecom Plus Ltd, CSL and Teleservices Ltd, Mauritius Telecom Foundation Ltd and MT Properties Ltd.

Established in 1992, MT has expanded rapidly to become one of the leading enterprises in the country, with revenue exceeding Rs 7.9 billion in 2011.